Portfolio & past projects.

Sixcam: a (patent pending!) miniature camera array for multi-spectral imaging.

Made to order for CSIC's Quantalab, our multi-spectral camera is flying since June 2009 onboard their latest airborne telemetric system for research on agricultural efficiency.

  • 6 cameras, 5 MPix each, 12 bits per pixel.
  • Geo-time-tagged through embedded GPS receiver.
  • Under 160 grs (350 grs. with 7x10x6 cm. aluminium case).
  • High-speed solid state storage, writing 15 MBytes/sec of image data.
  • Low power, under 3'5W from 6~15V supply.
  • Resistant to dust, EMI, vibration, and power irregularities.
  • Very high throughput (1.5Gbps) sensors to CPU data path.

We are currently looking for a manufacturer to license this patent pending product. If you might be interested, please do contact us!

Past developments:

2007: CAN-bus to IP gateway. Featuring UDP and/or XML on the IP side, and a Web User Interface for configuration.

2002~2003: "XPLC" Low cost PLC system. With partners in Madrid and Korea. Controllers based on low-end microcontrollers (Rabbit, Zilog's Z8, Motorola's Coldfire...), communication over ModBus protocol. Visual cross-platform editor, simulator, and monitor tools running on Linux and Windows.

2002: MX1 Embedded System Core: based on MX1 processor, power source and all essential peripherals are integrated on a 60x65 mm board.

2001: A portable wireless gaming terminal with 6'' color touch-screen, Li-ion battery, and RF communications. For use in bingos, casinos, etc.

2001: LVDS PC104+ graphics card for driving oversized LED screens.