Rafael Ferrin

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Personal Description

I am a cheerful person, always doing jokes, most of them related to double meanings or wordplays... and most of them very bad ones :P

On the other hand, I am quite introspective and I care a lot about ideas, politics and ethics. I am aware about inequalities, specially male chauvinism, and I don't like dogmatism neither.

I am not a superficial person and I do not like superficial friendships or relationships.

I have 14 years experience in theatre, so you can imagine I am not shy and I have seen and done quite eccentric things in my life. I like to challenge myself each time I feel awkward.

I also have strong international experience organising events and managing people, including languages meetings, cooking for big groups, managing and giving seminars and workshops, etc. I can say that I am quite social and easygoing.

I like to talk about almost any topic. Sometimes I defend arguments during a discussion that I do not support in real life, just for the pleasure of having good discussions with friends about politics, religion, economy, social rights...

I like to hug people. Oh! and don't be surprised if I give you a massage on your shoulders during a normal bar meeting, for example ^_^.


Facts say more than words, but they can't write... so here you have some words about my last decade:

I studied at the university of Seville a Bachelor plus Master degree... and it took me only ten years!! :P Obviously I made quite more than study during that time...

Theatre, for example. I love theatre, but actually I have not read so much neither go to thousands of plays... I prefer been inside. For fourteen years I have made classical, musical, opera, zarzuela... I have clearly shown how bad actor I am, but also that I can be a good scenographer, managing director and script writer ;)

I'm also a boiling pot of ideas, a fire starter... I created three associations at my university and participated in few others (about robotics, IT, Management and engineering in general).

During the first four years at the University I also participated at my university governance as student representative and at the culture club organising not only theatre, but many kind of events (music festivals, cinema, culture days, role playing games, board games competitions).

After few years I was coordinating all the cultural activities of the Engineering School with other centres of the University of Seville (It has nine campuses)... And then I left my parents place at the middle of my "long term" studies. At this point maybe it is important to underline that in Spain it is not usual for students to be independent: they usually live with their parents, that pay for their expenses, till they graduate or even further.

I started working as personal teacher to earn money and keep studying. Luckily, my work for the culture club was so great that the university created an internship for me to do the same thing but for all the campuses... It was great :D for one year I was responsible of searching synergies and coordinating every cultural activity at the university made by the students (18 centres, 9 Campuses, 63.000 students). I learnt a lot and that job was the basis for my actual self-confidence and organisational/management skills.

One year later I started a full time work at the Robotics Research Lab at the university and for two years I studied at my free time to end my studies.

At the same time, as I can't stop getting involved in organisations, I joined ESTIEM and I started working hard with them: During three years I travelled through Europe organising and participating in seminars, conferences and activities. I learnt a lot and taught so much to my fellows. Awesome.

On those dates I had already finished my studies but my project for the Robotic Research Lab was going to be patented, so I stayed working there two more years for further development of the robot.

During those last two years in Seville, the city seemed to be so small for me after my European experience with ESTIEM, so I started organising languages meetings, joining Couchsurfing events and hosting travellers (53 during summer 2012, for example). In addition, I was advisor of the board of the Engineering school for topics related to students associations.

Then I found a very challenging position and I moved to a small village in the middle of Upper Austria, to work as design engineer of mechanisms for private jets. It was a great experience and I collected few more patents for my designs ;) I also made some good friends and learnt a lot about real companies and aeronautical industry.

After one year Living there trying to get involved with the local people I decided that I am not done to live in a small village, so I started searching for a new place to continue with my life... I decided to try in Japan, because it was something I wanted to do since I was 15 years old, I love Japanese culture and, well, I am a robotics engineer!

But then I realised that I actually knew nothing about Japan, Eastern or South-Eastern Asia in general, just the usual clichés, so I decided to take one year for travelling around the area and then decide which country/city was my favourite for living. I started by Tokyo and I met many interesting people, both Japanese and foreigners. After two months I was going to move to Fukuoka, but I received a very interesting job offer, so I changed my plans: I was going to work in Yokohama! I temporally moved to Taiwan for two months, waiting for the working visa in Japan, and then came back and start working at 16Lab.

After two years living in Japan, I can say that there are many things that I really love from Japanese society, but also some things that are really difficult for me to accept. In any case, I didn't learn so much Japanese, as I was working really hard, and I think that learning the language would change a lot the experience of getting involved in Japanese society.

After those two years, as the project I was developing for 16Lab was done and I had some personal projects in mind, I resigned my position and started working on my personal projects while traveling. For few months I visited Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta, to check if I would like to live there in future. Then I moved back to Spain to take a break and preparing my next jump: developing my projects with an international company.


Theatre, technology, optimization games (card games like Bridge, board games like CATAN, computer games like HoMM or Xcom), CI-FI and fantasy books, events organisation, Asian cultures...

I like to eat and cook, both Spanish and international food.

I like to dance Salsa and bachata, but I also love to listen heavy metal, good techno music or dance like an idiot with my friends with any kind of music.

Humour: Monty python, Les Luthiers...
Books: Terry Pratchett, Nail Gaiman, Scott Adams, Frank Herbert, Orson Scott card, Asimov...
Series: House, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Doctor Who, Adventure Time...
Games: Poker, bridge, board games, billiards, darts...
Music: Heavy metal, rock, latin musics (but I don't like stupid lyrics), techno music, some orchestral music...


Improve the world; step by step.
Enjoy your life; that should be your framework.
Expect nothing; enjoy the process, not the reward.

Couchsurfing Experience

I have several years experience hosting travellers and travelling around Europe.

I started travelling thanks to an European association (ESTIEM) and later, when I was not a student any more, I started doing Couchsurfing. I hosted around 200 people in Seville during my last four years living there, and I have been hosted in Warsaw, Munich, Upper-Austria, Tokyo and Taipei.

I have host very nice people who were travelling around, but it is not always like that. Some times people is mean, egoist or ignorant... and they do not use to know it. Other times they are nice people, but living into a small bubble without any understanding or interest about the world outside.

When I am travelling, my main interest is to observe people and social behaviours, understand how that society works, what is normal and what is taboo at each culture. And the food, of course.

Types of People I enjoy

I don't enjoy carefree people unaware of what goes on around the world, people that find comfort and peace on being just what society expect from them, avoiding conflicts.
I enjoy intelligent people, sense of humour and sarcasm, social fighters, social dreamers, idealists, people that donīt match in society and fight to change society.
I enjoy people that feel the need of improving the world around them, every little detail.
We are living interesting times, donīt waste your existence into your comfort area, looking for the approval of others!

Locations Traveled

TRAVELED: Portugal, Morocco, South Korea, Turkey, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Irland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia
LIVED: Spain, Austria, Taiwan, Japan
WANTS TO GO: Shanghai, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines...