Looking for Challenges

I studied Master of Automatic and Electronic Systems Engineering at the University of Seville. During the last years of my studies, I was intern for the robotics research lab (GRVC) at University of Seville. Later on, after finishing my studies, I was hired by them and worked as R&D engineer there for few more years.

After that, I moved to Austria to work "at the real industry" as a design engineer for an aeronautical company. The job was challenging and very interesting: designing mechanisms and furniture for business jets. I was recognised as an outstanding mechanical designer (in less than one year I signed several patents and I was a design reference at my department), but the company was located in the mountains, and I was not very happy living in a small village lost in the Alps. After few more than one year, I decided to start a new stage of my life somewhere else...

I decided to move to Asia-Pacific area because I have always been interested on those cultures. My original plan was to travel for one year around the main locations (Tokyo, Seoul, Shangai, HK, Taipei and Singapore). During my first months in Tokyo I made very good contacts, including who later became my boss at 16Lab. When he offered me to join the team, I decided to change my plans and start a new life in Japan.

I have worked for 16Lab for two years and a half. The company is developing a smart ring and my tasks were creating methods and algorithms for defining the interactions with the ring. I have signed 5 patents during these two years (final patent applications). We won the Innovation Award at CEATEC Japan 2015 (Home Entertainment category).

I resigned of my position at 16Lab to develop some personal proyects. I am working on some patents and inventions related to a new generation of inspection robots that I want to develop during the next years, and by other side I have some small projects that I would like to develop in parallel as a hobby (foldable bicycles, exercise bicycles, high density storage, bed storage systems...).

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What I offer as an Engineer

From my CV and my recommendations, it is clear that I am creative, proactive and very motivated by challenges. You may also notice that my main skills as an engineer are related to multidisciplinary engineering projects which require combining knowledge from several fields such as materials, electronics, mechanics, geometry, maths, optics, programming, etc.

I have had the luck of working with amazing engineers, many of them extremely better than me in their fields. I can proudly say that most of them used to be surprised by my ability to find fresh and new approaches/solutions to any problem (even on their fields, where they have deeper knowledge than me). I would say that that ability is the best I can offer as engineer. Several of the recommendations from my colleagues point out this.

During these years I have generated many patents for the different companies I have worked for. The first and most important patent was for the inspection robot I designed during my four years in Seville (two as a master student, and two as a graduated researcher). The next patents are simple mechanisms designed during my year in Austria (aeronautical industry) and actually I am not sure about how many of them will finally be patented, because once I left the company I do not have access to their progress. During my time in Japan with 16Lab I signed 5 patents related to human-machine interactions and sensor data analysis. Now I am working in some patents related to robotics arms. In general, I have proved myself that I am a very creative engineer, able to face challenges in virtually any engineering (and not engineering) field.

Apart from my experience and skills as engineer I also have valuable experience as team leader, events coordinator and organiser, Languages meetings and initiatives, theatre and many other social skills. Feel free to read my personal profile, for more information.

What do I want?

I am always looking for challenges, specially if they match with what I offer as Engineer.

I resigned from 16Lab to develop some inventions related to Robotics that, in my opinion, will change the current state of the art and start a new branch of robotics. I am looking for a partner company to develop those inventions.

By other side, living in Tokyo was very inspiring and I have some ideas for inventions (mostly related to mechanical designs, bicycles, exercise bikes and furniture) that I would like to develop as a freelance or collaborating with a leading company during the next years (more for fun and experience than for profits).

Engineering and R&D experience

I have four years experience as R&D engineer at the Robotics group of the University of Seville, one year experience at the aeronautical industry in Austria and two years experience as Vice President of Engineering of 16Lab.

I consider that my attitude as engineer is more important than any possible skill, specially for creative, research and design positions. You can read the preface of my Final Thesis dissertation as a reference of my Engineering attitude.

Preface My attitude as Engineer
CV My CV, focused in Engineering Experience
GRVC Experience as R&D Engineer at GRVC
FACC Experience as design Engineer at FACC
16Lab Experience as Vice President of Engineering of 16Lab
Inventions Previous patents and ongoing projects

Other relevant experience

In 2003 I made a summer trip to Korea as a person in charge for a business meeting. I funded several associations at the university. I have organised and participated in many international seminars and conferences. I have worked as cultural coordinator and also as theatre and Opera production manager. I have 14 years experience in theatre, experience coordinating international teams...

If you want more details, feel free to read my personal profile or my LinkedIn profile.


Here you have a list with my most outstanding skills. If you want more details, feel free to read my professional experience or some recommendations.

  • Engineering skills
    • Thinking outside the box
    • CATIA V5
    • Matlab
    • Engineering analysis & problem solving
    • Outstanding on maths, physics & geometry
    • Computer Vision
    • Optimisation
    • General Programming (not interested in programming positions)
  • Language skills
    • Spanish (Native)
    • English (Business level)
    • Japanese (Just starting)
  • Soft skills
    • Proactive
    • Synergies seeker
    • Team work
    • Communication skills
    • Leadership
    • Work under pressure
    • Business ethics
    • Mediation skills
    • International experience
    • Multicultural experience
    • Knowledge of aeronautical industry (1 year)
    • Knowledge of Japanese Industry (2 year)
    • Knowledge of wearables industry (2 year)
Endorsements Screenshot from LinkedIn (more at my LinkedIn profile)


Recommendation by GRVC Recommendation by my research tutor at GRVC (Seville)
Recommendation by FACC Recommendation by my former boss at FACC (Austria)
Acknowledge Letter from 16Lab Report as Vice President of Engineering at 16Lab (Tokyo)