Previous Patents and Designs

Inspection robot for power plants

My first patent was an inspection robot developed at the robotics research lab (GRVC) at University of Seville.
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Mechanisms for aerospace industry

Working for FACC I developed several small inventions related to mechanical designs. At my recommendation letter there is a list of concepts and designs that I developed for them.
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Methods and algorithms for wearables

My experience working in Tokyo was amazing! I worked very hard in a field of engineering that was new for me: sensors, user interface, human-machine interaction. As a result, I created many interesting algorithms and methods of interaction, five of which ended up as patents.
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Ongoing projects

Human-Friendly joint for service robots

A 3 DoF joint that can be implemented in most of the current humanoid robots. Also useful for inspection and rescue robots. Patented and in the process of further development at AIST as part of my PhD.

Hollow high reduction ratio gearbox

A hollow gearbox design for robotics that can be designed for a wide range of reduction ratios (from 2:1 up to 400.000:1) while offering a cheaper and more compact design than other gearboxes. Patented and in process of further development (personally, not part of my PhD).

Snake arm for inspection

A mechanical design of a hyper-redundant snake arm for inspection, based on the Human-Friendly Joint and Gearbox designs. I expect much better results than the current state of the art. Not patentable, but in process of further development at AIST as part of my PhD.

Deployment tool

A challenging and innovative long range inspection and rescue tool. Currently under development for AIST as part of my PhD.

Small designs

I enjoy creating conceptual designs. During my daily life many ideas come to my mind, including some ideas for foldable bikes, exercise machines, transforming furniture, automated drawers, toys...