"El menesteroso de una ciencia, el que siente la profunda necesidad de la verdad, se acercará cauteloso al saber ya hecho, lleno de suspicacias, sometiéndolo a crítica; más bien con el prejuicio de que no es verdad lo que el libro sostiene; en suma, precisamente porque necesita un saber con radical angustia, pensará que no lo hay y procurará deshacer el que se presenta como ya hecho. Hombres así son los que constantemente corrigen, renuevan, recrean la ciencia.".

(The devoted to a science, the one who feels deep need of truth, will approach with caution to any previously built knowledge, full of suspicion, subjecting it to review... with the doubt that is not true what the book argues. In fact, because he really needs knowledge he will never accept outside conclusions and will dismount any built knowledge to the root. Such people is the one that continuously correct, renew and upgrade the science)

Ortega y Gasset.

Looking for Challenges

I am looking for a Job or Research position in Japan or Europe. It must be a challenging opportunity, something that requires my skills and makes me feel proud of our contribution to society. Something that gives me the satisfaction of solving dificult problems.

I am also looking for collaborations with companies that would be interested in developing my projects or partners interested in starting our own business for robotic design.

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Engineering and R&D experience

I studied a Master of Automatic and Electronic Systems Engineering at the University of Seville. During the last years of my studies, I was a trainee in the robotics research lab (GRVC) at the University of Seville. Later on, after finishing my studies, I was hired by them and worked as R&D engineer there for few more years.

Later on, I moved to Austria to work as a mechanical design engineer for an aeronautical company (FACC). The job was challenging and very interesting: designing mechanisms and furniture for business jets. I was recognised as an outstanding mechanical designer (in less than one year I was a design reference at my department), but after little more than one year I decided to move to Japan, that was my dream since I was a child.

I worked for a wearables start-up in Tokyo (16Lab) as Vice-President of Engineering. The company was developing a smart ring and my task was creating methods and algorithms for defining the interactions with the ring. I signed 5 patents during those two years (available in the Projects & Designs section of this website). We won the Innovation Award at CEATEC Japan 2015 (Home Entertainment category).

Once the product was fully developed, as the company was focusing on marketing and fundraising stages, I resigned my position at 16Lab to develop an inspection robot by myself. I went back to Spain and tried to patent it, but I failed. Then I decided to join Iwate University, where I was able to continue developing my designs in parallel to my research project, that was a forestry robot. Thew forestry robot was a success and I improved my designs and applied for two new patents (currently under development).

A few years later Kim sensei started a new company in Korea and his laboratory at Iwate University closed. I decided to stay in Iwate where, with my wife, we teach robotics to children and keep developing my designs.

Additional information

CV My CV, focused on Engineering Experience
GRVC Experience as R&D Engineer at GRVC
FACC Experience as Design Engineer at FACC
16Lab Experience as Vice President of Engineering of 16Lab
KimLab Experience as Researcher at Iwate University (Under construction)
Projects Previous patents and ongoing projects


  • Engineering skills
    • Thinking outside the box
    • Analysis & problem solving
    • CATIA V5
    • Matlab
    • General Programming
    • 3D printing & prototyping
    • Outstanding on maths, physics & geometry
  • Language skills
    • Spanish (Native)
    • English (Business level)
    • Japanese (Just starting)
  • Soft skills
    • Proactive
    • Synergies seeker
    • Team work
    • Communication skills
    • Leadership
    • Work under pressure
    • Business ethics
    • Multicultural experience


Recommendation by GRVC Recommendation by my research tutor at GRVC (Seville)
Recommendation by FACC Recommendation by my former boss at FACC (Austria)
Acknowledge Letter from 16Lab Report as Vice President of Engineering at 16Lab (Tokyo)
Recommendation from Kim Sensei Recommendation by my former sensei at Iwate University